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We are offering a variety of memberships to cater all groups interested or participating in astronomy.

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Pro Astronomer

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Half-price in all categories. Students and youth are considered anyone below the age of 24. Send us proof of your student status, eg. student card.


Duration of membership

The paid memberships last for 1 full calendar year from the day of payment



Amateur Astronomers: This category applies only to people with at least some astronomical equipment. The equipment must be listed briefly during the application.

Pro Astronomers: This category applies only to people holding a doctorate or masters degree in an astronomy related field.



Statutory Member

People with significant contribution to the work of CAO are invited by the Board of Directors to join as statutory (or full) members of the organisation. A person may apply for statutory membership by written application to the Board (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) explaining why they should be admitted as a member and naming at least two other current members to act as reference. These members have voting rights at general and extraordinary meetings as per the Articles of Association. The Board aims to maintain a balance in the number of people joining the CAO in order to achieve a representative sample of the organisation’s key stakeholders.